Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain

Back pain can be difficult to live with day in and day out.  The spine is the central element in our bodies and every movement stems from the back.  When your back is in pain, daily activity can become downright debilitating.  Back pain can be a result of injury or from degenerative disease that forms with age.  To learn more about back pain and how a chiropractor can help, the experts at Hull Chiropractic have put together some information regarding various back conditions and injuries.

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Back Injuries

Sometimes back pain is a direct result of an injury.  People can injure themselves through an automobile accident, sports, or a simple trip and fall.  A common  back injury is a sprain or a strain of one of several back muscles.  These can cause extreme pain, inflammation, and stiffness.  People can also suffer a fracture in one of the vertebra in the spine.  Sometimes a disc, the tiny donut shaped cushions between the vertebrae, becomes damaged or ruptured.  When this occurs a person will feel pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, or legs, and sometimes a numbness or tingling sensation.

Degenerative Back Conditions

Many back conditions are degenerative and start to appear over time.  As a person ages their joints become stiff, scar tissue develops, and discs become brittle.  A very common condition is a bulging or herniated disc.  In the case of a bulging disc, the donut shaped structure between the vertebrae becomes flat.  In a herniated disc, part of the disc exterior tears, allowing the soft interior of the disc to seep out.  In both cases, pain, tingling, and numbness occurs in the arms, shoulders, legs, and buttocks.  Spinal stenosis, or the narrowing of the spinal cord, can also create back pain.  This is a very serious condition which can eventually lead to paralysis and can even be fatal.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

A chiropractor regularly sees patients suffering with back pack.  Your chiropractor will do a full exam, which may include X-Rays or MRIs, to determine the source of the back pain.  Depending on the results, your chiropractor will prescribe appropriate back pain treatment.  This can include anything from manual manipulation, to the strengthening and stretching of the muscles in the back, to even simple physical therapy.  The point of the chiropractor is to bring balance back to your body and relieve stress in your back that is causing pain.

People suffering with back pain looking for the best chiropractor Indianapolis has to offer regularly turn to Hull Chiropractic.  Our practice is staffed with caring and knowledgeable professionals who want to get you feeling your best.  Our office is located at 101 N. Girls School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214.  If you have questions about your back pain or would like to schedule an appointment give our office a call today.  We can be reached at 317-243-2392. 


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