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Anytime you are suffering from back pain, it is best to have our chiropractor examine your back and get the pain treated. With chiropractic care, the discomfort can be eliminated and the different techniques applied can also help to improve your posture. Visit us at Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis, IN, today for a consultation and treatment. However, for now, let's cover some back pain FAQs.


What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is common and can range from mild to severe. It can result from various reasons, such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, poor posture, disc problems, spinal misalignments, arthritis, whiplash, and injuries.

How Long Will My Back Pain Last?

Back pain that is acute can last for a few days or weeks. However, if you have chronic back pain, it can last anywhere between several months to years.

What is Spinal Manipulation?

Also known as chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation is the primary technique used by our chiropractor. Controlled force is applied to specific parts of the spine to restore proper alignment, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Spinal manipulation may help increase mobility, improve range of motion, and relieve pressure on nerves that may be causing discomfort.

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Our Chiropractor may use various soft tissue techniques, such as trigger point therapy, or myofascial release. These methods can relax tight muscles, reduce muscle spasms, and improve blood circulation. These techniques could help reduce back pain and assist with healing.

How do Therapeutic Exercises Help?

Our chiropractor can apply specific exercises to help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and maintain proper spinal alignment. These exercises can help address the root cause of back pain and prevent the discomfort from occurring the future.

Why Should I Change My Posture?

Poor posture is a common cause of back pain. Our chiropractor can provide guidance on maintaining proper posture while sitting, standing, and performing daily activities. In return, the recommended methods can help alleviate and prevent back pain.

Why Does My Back Get Sore While at Work or When I Wake Up?

One of the biggest causes of back pain is poor ergonomics or furniture that doesn’t provide enough support. An uncomfortable office chair or a mattress that is too soft or firm can result in discomfort in your back.

What Other Therapies or Treatments Are Available?

Our chiropractor may a holistic approach to reducing your back pain. This could include guidance on maintaining a healthier lifestyle with proper nutrition, stress management, and exercise. A combination of all of these could contribute to better overall spinal health and less pain in your back.

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