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Back Pain FAQ

Waking up in pain everyday makes life a lot more difficult, and too many people deal with back pain regularly. If you're suffering from back pain, we've got answers to all your questions about finding relief.


What causes back pain?

The cause of back pain can be tricky to determine since there are so many things that can cause it. While some back pain may be caused by a problem with your posture or a condition such as sciatica, it could also be the result of an injury. It's best to visit a doctor or chiropractor for a diagnosis as soon as possible.

What symptoms accompany back pain?

Pain isn't the only thing you feel when you have a back problem. In addition to the actual pain, people with back pain tend to experience things like stiffness, pain when performing certain actions or pain that radiates to another part of the body. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's best to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Why does back pain come and go?

You might only feel back pain sometimes for a variety of reasons. Back pain that results from an injury may subside as the injury heals, while back pain caused by a repetitive motion at work may get better or worse depending on how much you're working and performing that same action.

Can back pain be treated?

The good news about back pain is that there are treatment options. A chiropractor can help treat your back pain with spinal decompression and adjustments, while a doctor can prescribe medication and recommend surgery. For a lot of people, it's best to combine a few different treatment options to get the quickest results, although you should talk to a doctor or chiropractor about your options.

What are the best back pain treatment options?

There are a lot of different ways to treat back pain, but chiropractic treatment is typically the best route. With the help of a chiropractor, you don't have to worry about taking pain medications that can leave you feeling tired and foggy all the time. Plus, you don't have to risk getting a surgery that could come with complications which you may find worse than the back pain you originally had.

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