Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto Accident Injury Treatment from our Indianapolis Chiropractor

When you are involved in an auto accident, you want to seek medical treatment immediately by our Indianapolis chiropractor. Even if you do not show symptoms of auto injuries or pain, we may be able to diagnose conditions before symptoms develop. Learn more about how our chiropractor at Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis can assist you with all-natural auto accident injury treatment. 

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Common Auto Accident Injuries

The most common auto accident injuries we treat here at our chiropractors in Indianapolis involves the musculoskeletal system. Whiplash and neck pain are common injuries, as well as herniated discs, lower back pain, and sciatic nerve pain. These injuries are the result of the sudden impact of a car accident that causes the musculoskeletal system to become out of alignment. 

Chiropractic Care and Auto Accident Injury Treatment

As an Indianapolis chiropractor, we offer chiropractic adjustments to resolve musculoskeletal injuries associated with auto accidents. By getting a spinal adjustment, we will realign your spinal vertebrae and muscles. If you have a herniated disc or bulging disc in your back or neck we can use spinal decompression to correct this issue. As a result of chiropractic techniques, we reduce the inflammation in your muscles that can put pressure on your nerves, which is a common source of pain. 

When to Seek Chiropractic Care 

We recommend visiting our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic immediately after you are involved in an auto crash. That is because your auto insurance or health insurance will likely place a time limit on treatments based on diagnoses after your accident. Typically, you will have one to two weeks to receive treatment and a diagnosis for a medical injury resulting from an accident. If you receive treatment after this window is closed, you will not be able to claim the treatment with your insurance company. 

However, for most auto accident victims, they do not have symptoms from the accident for weeks after the crash. For example, you may not have any neck pain the day after your accident, yet whiplash can develop a month later. To ensure you are able to claim your injury treatment with your insurance carrier, we recommend visiting our chiropractors in Indianapolis IN as soon as you are involved in an accident. 

Contact Our Chiropractor in Indianapolis for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Here at our chiropractic clinic in Indianapolis, we help patients achieve effective injury treatment and pain relief. Dr. Jonathan Hull is a Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni with more than 20 years of chiropractic experience. If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact Dr. Hull of Hull Chiropractic at (317) 243-2392.

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