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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

You might not pay much attention to the condition of your neck -- until one day it simply doesn't let you live your everyday life anymore. Whether you've sustained a violent injury such as whiplash or you've begun to experience chronic pain from cervical degeneration or strain, you may be looking for chiropractors in Indianapolis who can get your neck back into comfortable operational condition.

Hull Chiropractic is proud to serve as your source for natural neck pain treatments in Indianapolis IN.

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Cervical Neck Pain and Its Causes

The central support for your neck is your cervical spine. This stack of vertebrae, cushioned by cartilaginous discs and articulated by small joints called facet joints, surrounds the spinal cord, with the major nerve roots that serve the other parts of the body extending from small open spaces in this bony architecture. Disturbance or displacement of any of these components can cause acute or chronic cervical neck pain. Examples include:

  • Bulging discs that have lost their height, allowing the facet joints to become strained
  • Osteoarthritis of the facet joints
  • Cervical spinal stenosis, in which the bony canal around the spinal cord becomes too narrow for comfort
  • Herniated discs that jut out of the cervical spinal column to press against nerve roots
  • Torn or strained muscles in the neck

Some of the problems may occur either as a result of injury or through chronic overuse. Painful neck muscles, for instance, may be under constant stress due to an imbalance that allows the head to sit off-center on the neck, or from poor posture or workplace ergonomics. But it can also happen suddenly, along with pinched nerves, herniated discs, and dislocated joints, in a case of whiplash where the head is flung with enough force to damage all of these structures simultaneously. 

How Our Chiropractor in Indianapolis IN Can Help

Our chiropractor in Indianapolis IN, Dr. Hull, can employ a variety of techniques to help you overcome your neck pain -- all of them completely non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical in nature.

  • Cervical spinal adjustments can restore your neck's natural vertebral alignment, relieving joint stiffness, nerve impingement, and muscular strain.
  • Spinal decompression therapy and Cox Technique can help damaged or degenerated discs reclaim a more normal position and/or height.
  • Class IV laser therapy can help injured neck muscles heal faster and reduce osteoarthritis pain.
  • Electrotherapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy can all work together to help you rehabilitate a neck injury and relieve tension in the muscles.

Our chiropractic clinic in Indianapolis can even recommend lifestyle changes to help you maintain lasting neck pain relief.

Schedule Acute or Chronic Neck Pain Treatment With Us

Your search for chiropractors in Indianapolis who can help your neck has ended right here at Hull Chiropractic. The sooner you consult our chiropractic clinic in Indianapolis, the sooner you can start enjoying natural, non-surgical neck pain relief.

Contact 317-243-2392 today to schedule your acute or chronic neck pain treatment!


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