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Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries, whiplash ranks among the top of those that cause symptoms suddenly and dramatically.  The event responsible for the injury is always unexpected and is typically an auto accident.  Our chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN notes that the neck pain, headache, and other symptoms associated with this type of injury sometimes make it impossible to accomplish normal daily activities.  Patients treated at our Hull Chiropractic practice experience relief thanks to non-surgical and drug-free treatment options.


Understanding Whiplash

Whiplash is frequently the result of a rear-end collision or a sports event.  It occurs when any force causes the head to jerk suddenly forward or backward.  The resulting injury occurs almost instantly following hyperextension and hyperflexion of the patient’s neck.

The most common symptoms our Indianapolis patients experience include:

  • Neck pain when attempting to move the head from front to back or from side to side
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Knotted or hard neck muscles
  • A headache arising at the base of the neck and extending to the forehead
  • Neck tightness

Unfortunately, many individuals who experience this type of sudden force put off getting a medical assessment.  This is in part because pain or other discomfort sometimes first appears days after the injury.  The result could be a number of spinal injuries such as dislocated vertebrae, torn or stretched muscles and connective tissue, and herniated discs, says our chiropractor.

Our Treatment Options

Relief from whiplash begins with a comprehensive physical exam by our chiropractor, who creates a customized treatment plan for each patient.    The core therapy for this disorder is cervical chiropractic adjustments to move misaligned vertebrae back into the correct position. 

Treatment plans often contain a combination of natural therapies.  Additional options include spinal decompression to treat herniated discs and stop nerve compression, massage therapy and electrical stimulation to reduce pain, and a prescribed program of physical rehabilitation to restore the neck to top condition.

Prompt chiropractic evaluation and treatment after experiencing sudden force can prevent considerable discomfort even without an indication of whiplash.

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Don’t put off an evaluation following an event that could have caused whiplash.  Doing so might mean risking injuries that get worse as time passes.  Our Hull Chiropractic practice in Indianapolis, IN offers a full set of noninvasive services that help the body to self-heal.  Whether you are struggling with back or neck pain or other discomfort or are simply looking for better health, we can help.  Take a moment today to give us a call at 317-243-2392 to schedule a consultation with our chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Hull, and start on your healing path


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