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Golf Injuries

Common Golf Injuries Addressed by Hull Chiropractic

Golf is a fantastic sport that tests not only someone's athletic abilities but also their mental abilities as well. This can be approached as either a team sport or an individual sport. Furthermore, golf can be played almost anywhere and can be played in later years as well. Like other sports, there are a number of common injuries that someone might sustain while playing golf. It is important for everyone to know that a golf injury can be treated by a trained chiropractor in Indianapolis. The team from Hull Chiropractic is here to help everyone recover from their golf injuries as quickly and as completely as possible.


Common Injuries Sustained While Playing Golf

There are several common injuries that people can suffer while playing golf. Some of these include:

Golfer's Elbow: This injury impacts the condyles of the elbow, which are bony growths at the intersection of the humerus, radius, and ulna. When someone suffers an injury in this area, this can be made worse by the motion of the golf swing. The inflammation leads to chronic pain that might also lead to pain or swelling. A chiropractor knows how to take a look at this injury and help someone recover quickly.

Back Injuries: Back problems are common while playing golf. This might include a herniated disc, paraspinal muscle strain, or even an alignment problem. A trained chiropractor can take a look at someone's back and come up with a comprehensive treatment approach. This might include adjustment, manipulation, decompression, or more. Back injuries can keep someone out of action for a long time and need to be addressed comprehensively.

Knee Injuries: The motion of the golf swing can also cause someone to develop a knee injury as well. When someone suffers knee injury while playing golf, this might mean a sprain, strain, or even a kneecap issue. A chiropractor can take a look at someone's knee and isolate the root cause of the problem. Then, the chiropractor can develop a customized treatment plan to help someone recover from their knee injury.

Trust the Trained Team from Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis

Golf is a great sport and nobody wants to be out of the action for every long. To expedite the recovery process, trust the abilities of a trained chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN. The team from Hull Chiropractic is here to help everyone better understand their golf injuries. Then, we will come up with a treatment plan that has been tailored to meet your needs. Trust us to help you and your family recover in a comprehensive manner. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We would be honored to help you.



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