Golf Injuries

Get Your Swing Back With Help From a Chiropractor

Swinging your club for a round of golf requires moving your body in a precise series of movements to drive the ball down the fairway or out of the rough. This motion is performed countless times during a round of 18 holes and can lead to a golf injury that causes pain every time you swing your club. You cannot enjoy playing golf when the pain will not go away. It is time to see our chiropractor at Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis to get your body back in alignment.


The Golf Swing Exerts Tremendous Pressure on the Body

Perfecting your golf swing is an art and a science. You have to find your body's axis and swing your arms back, then forward while making a twisting motion through your trunk and hips. Muscle strength builds up over time and your body adjusts to the act of repeatedly swinging a club. Over time, the stress of loading and unloading the body during a golf swing can take its toll on even the fittest of golfers. The spine can get pulled out of alignment, shoulders become painful, elbows hurt, and the neck can stiffen. Chiropractic care for golf injuries can help alleviate the pain and restore your range of movement.

Chiropractic Treatment for Golf Injuries

Inflammation can cause your soft tissues to become trapped. Our chiropractor performs a hands-on evaluation to locate the source of the pain and determine which of the surrounding ligaments, muscles, and tendons are being affected. Once the issues are identified, our chiropractor uses different chiropractic techniques that move the spine back into alignment, straighten out the cervical spine in the neck, and manipulate the joints to release trapped soft tissues.

Chiropractic care is a whole-body therapy that treats more than just the source of the pain. Realignment of the spine and joint manipulation takes the pressure off the nearby muscles and soft tissues, reducing overall inflammation. Repeated chiropractic treatment sessions can reduce the pain and pressure allowing the body to heal more quickly. We will return your body to its normal range of movement without pain.

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Our chiropractor understands the biomechanics of golf and the repetitive strain it puts on the body. We can help you feel better and get you back on the course without worrying about pain. Call Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis today at  317-243-2392 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hull.


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