Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatment at Hull Chiropractic

You wish you could enjoy and participate in life just as enthusiastically as you once did -- but joint pain has set obstacles in your path. Acute injuries, chronic degenerative conditions, and problems related to your weight or posture can make even the smallest joint positions extraordinarily painful and difficult. But instead of taking painkillers, resorting to surgery, or simply allowing yourself to "freeze up," you have the option of easing your joint pain through safe, natural techniques. That's because, here at Hull Chiropractic, we can provide drug-free joint pain treatment for Indianapolis residents.

Joint Pain Treatment at Hull Chiropractic

The Debilitating Problem of Joint Pain

Joints are complex assemblies that make use of bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and anti-friction structures called bursae to ensure their smooth operation. Wearing-bearing joints have it especially hard since they have to permit movement while also enduring some pretty extreme forces. It's little wonder, then, that things can and do go painfully wrong. Your joint pain may be related to:

    • Acute injuries - A joint subjected to hyperextension or high-speed impact can sustain acute injuries that disable it completely. If your knee is struck or twisted while your leg is planted, for instance, you can tear muscles and rupture ligaments or tendons. Landing heavily on your shoulder can push the ball out of the socket, an agonizing condition known as dislocation.
    • Chronic conditions - Joints can eventually succumb to a lifetime of wear and tear -- or less than a lifetime, you those joints experience abnormally heavy use. Osteoarthritis is a common example, with the cartilage in the joint losing its ability to prevent painful friction. Overuse can also cause the bursae or tendons in a joint to become inflamed, creating chronic pain in the joint. Excess weight or an unbalanced posture can put extra strain on joints.

Natural Solutions for Optimizing Comfort and Mobility

Our chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Hull, has years of experience in treating joint pain. We can evaluate your current range of motion, X-ray the painful joint, and weight factors such as your medical history, weight, work habits, posture, and sports participation to isolate the cause of your problem. We can then prescribe a mix of natural, drug-free treatment such as:

    • Laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling
    • Extremity adjustments to correct positional problems among the joint components
    • Spinal adjustments and orthotics to address musculoskeletal imbalances
    • Physical therapy to help joints heal, become stronger, or gain flexibility

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