Lower Back Pain

Treat Lower Back Pain at Hull Chiropractic

Our Indianapolis chiropractor has a wealth of knowledgeable years under his belt. Dr. Jonathan Hull and his compassionate team understand the debilitating pain when your lower back is out of alignment. We are here to treat your lower back pain with our modern technology and thorough modalities in order to restore a fully functioning lifestyle and your well-being.

Treat Lower Back Pain at Hull Chiropractic

How Does Lower Back Pain Begin?

During the initial consultation and exam, Dr. Hull will utilize his holistic philosophy to rehabilitate your spine, recommend further services we offer to keep you on the road to wellness and suggest everything from massage therapy to ultrasound. Our tactics are geared towards pain management and rejuvenation of your overall health. 

The origin of lower back pain can be caused by a number of life circumstances, for instance:

    • Poor posture - The way you stand, sit, and conduct your daily life adds to stress on the lower back area.
    • A genetic family history of joint problems - If a family member has suffered from chronic back pain or osteoarthritis, the chances of it being passed down to other generations is a likelihood.
    • Trauma - Contact sports injuries, car accidents, or severe blunt force by natural objects and conditions all contribute to lower back pain.
    • Inflexibility - Stress to the joints get exacerbated when our flexibility is lessened and weakened.
    • Immobility - Muscles tend to atrophy when lack of movement prevails.
    • Insufficient workspace ergonomics - Your chair, the shoes you wear and stand in, and how often you walk and take a break all contribute to a healthy back.
    • Dietary concerns  - Eating foods that don't agree with you and cause inflammation are sure to inflame the lumbar spinal joints. 

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The onset of lower back pain needs immediate attention. Our Indianapolis chiropractor has the solutions to ensure you're on the path to total wellness and pain-free daily living. If you sense something not right in your spine, give us a call and we'll make sure your needs are met. Your health is our priority!


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