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Rehabilitation Exercise

Why Rehabilitative Exercise is So Important

While many people in Indianapolis assume that a chiropractor only deals with the neck and spine areas, these medical professionals also regularly spend a lot of time focused on joints and the muscular system. All of the mentioned areas and more can be seriously injured or restricted by sudden, traumatic injuries like those experienced in a fall off a ladder or in a vehicle collision. Our chiropractor at Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis regularly incorporates rehabilitative exercises in the treatment programs and regimen to assist our patients in faster recovery.


Ongoing Health Monitoring

Some patients deal with chronic pain or degenerative conditions. Both need to be monitored, especially with regards to how they impact joint mobility. A chiropractor can frequently play a monitoring role for doctors and patient care, providing a thorough periodic review of a patient’s mobility and inability to use specific joints without incurring more injuries.

Variation in Care

Our patients need to remember that the amount of rehabilitative care that he or she receives depends a lot on the primary doctor’s diagnosis and review. This is why professional athletes go through extensive rehabilitation focused on their performance, and an average patient might just be told to use an ice pack and ibuprofen. Diagnoses vary tremendously on how to deal with a muscle or joint injury. Patients need to ask for chiropractic care proactively if it is not mentioned. All of our chiropractic care patients will receive rehabilitative motion and exercise exams because it is a fundamental tenant of a chiropractic review.

Why Exercise Matters So Much

Rehabilitation exercises provide a key step in recovery from a traumatic injury, and it is essential when the patient is trying to get back to a normal, mobile life. From back injuries to knees to shoulder impacts, rehabilitation goes a long way in reducing damage and restoring normal function. It provides a solid platform for the body to build on itself again. If a chiropractor recommends rehabilitative exercise in your treatment, jump on it. It’s one of the most positive, proven methods of healing.

Chiropractic Care in Indianapolis

Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis regularly employs rehabilitative exercise in its treatment portfolio. We follow many of the key standards in chiropractic treatment regimens that have been proven in studies and research. If you've recently suffered an injury or just want to know more, call 317-243-2392 to schedule an appointment today.


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