Cox Technique

Cox Technique Flexion Distraction and Decompression is a gentle, non-force chiropractic adjusting approach.

64% of chiropractic physicians are using flexion-distraction in their clinics, including Hull Chiropractic. Hull Chiropractic provides this highly-effective spinal manipulation and decompression technique, a combination of chiropractic and osteopathic principles.

This combination of manipulations and decompression offers a non-surgical alternative to invasive surgery for relief of pain in the neck, arm, back and leg.

Cox Technique is a gentle stretching or distraction adjustment of the spine to produce the following benefits for the patient with back or extremity pain:

  • It increases the space between vertebra
  • Decreases disc pressure to aid in disc herniation problems
  • It increases the openings for the nerves to relieve pinched nerves
  • Gives you better range of motion in your back and extremities


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