Orthotics and Foot Levelers from an Indianapolis Chiropractor

Whether it’s your hands and arms, back and shoulders, head and neck, or legs and feet, these parts are all interrelated. If you injure one part of your body, the rest of it must pick up the slack, so to speak. This new accommodation puts additional strain on your body.

As you can imagine, then, if your feet are unsupported or injured, your spine and the rest of your body will be negatively impacted. After all, you’ll have to overcompensate with the way you walk, which puts more pressure on your already hard-working spine.

By seeing an Indianapolis chiropractor for orthotics and foot levelers, you can change that.


What Are Orthotics and Foot Levelers?

If you’re overweight, injured, or otherwise putting extra pressure and weight on your feet, the rest of your body will feel it, as mentioned. Orthotics offer better support so you can walk without continuous body pain. You can even get these customized to your exact feet measurements.

500 Tons a Day…what is this number? It is the amount of weight a person will carry a day if they are about 170lbs and walk an average of 7.5 miles a day. 250,000 is the average amount of miles a person walks in their lifetime. Think about all the weight and what your feet must go through to keep you in an upright position. Feet are an amazing piece of engineering, made for propelling forward and shock absorbing on contact. Feet take a tremendous amount of stress and walking starts a kinetic chain of motion in the body. This kinetic chain puts other parts of the body at risk for injury and pain if the feet are not supported and moving correctly.

When the foot and ankle do not move correctly, the wrong muscles contract or they contract out of their proper sequence. Your muscles and tendons eventually tire and break down suffering microscopic tears. These tears trigger inflammation leading to swelling, pain, and scarring in these tissues. As well, other joints will suffer excess wear and tear leading to inflammation and possibly degeneration. Because of this, pain and dysfunction may occur in your feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, hips, low back, and anywhere else in the kinetic chain of bones.

So if you suffer from pain in the lower body “chain”, orthotics may help in solving some of the associated problems. Here at Hull Chiropractic, Dr. Hull can provide a custom computerized scan of your feet and explain to you if orthotics can benefit you. They can be ordered, paid for and picked up right here in our office.

Foot levelers are a type of orthotic. These shoe inserts provide better balance.

What Do Orthotics Treat?

Your chiropractor will prescribe orthotics to treat many foot injuries and conditions. These include:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pronation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Shin splints

Functional orthotics can treat tendinitis, shin splints, lower back pain and a number of other conditions. These are designed out of graphite and plastic to control foot motion. By controlling the motion of your feet, the rest of your body can benefit from the changes. To learn more about how custom functional orthotics work and their variety of applications, visit the Footlevelers Website.

Other Chiropractic Care in Indianapolis

If you find you’re still in pain after using orthotics for a few weeks or months, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Through chiropractic care, such as spinal manipulations, adjustments, and compressions, you should notice a significant difference in your pain levels.

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