Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy is a technique used in body work therapy that addresses muscle pains in various points in the body called trigger points. Trigger point therapy often has positive benefits for sufferers from chronic pain because the therapy aims to eradicate painful areas, rather than treating surface tension or inflammation.

A trigger point is a small band of muscle fibers which feels knotty. It is sometimes painful when touched, but the pain is often referred to another area of the body. A trigger point in the shoulder, for example, might cause a headache. Trigger points are thought to occur because of an accumulation of the waste products of physical activity, stress or tension. This tight knot of muscle causes localized tension and spasm which may make the points feel like small nodules. Some simple treatment might include heat treatment with a heat pad or gentle kneading of the trigger point. The purpose is to get the muscle fiber to release the tension.

This release restores the muscle to the natural state so that the muscle becomes relaxed to better receive nutrients from the the body. Trigger point therapy re-educates the muscles to become pain-free.

Trigger Point Therapy is used at Hull Chiropractic as one of our many therapies.


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