Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Indianapolis from Our Chiropractor Team at Hull Chiropractic

Shoulder pain is a common complaint among people of all ages, especially older adults. No matter where you are in life, it's important to realize that relief from your stiff and painful shoulder is possible in many cases without surgery or drugs! At Hull Chiropractic, our experienced and empathetic chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Hull, along with the rest of our experienced team, provides safe, effective, and customized care that can help you in all areas of life. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Indianapolis from Our Chiropractor Team at Hull Chiropractic

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

Shoulder pain is often the result of an injury to a structure within or around the shoulder joint. This can include muscle strains, tendon tears, ligament sprains, and joint dislocations. Sometimes, shoulder pain develops due to chronic and degenerative changes, including arthritis and adhesive capsulitis. In other cases, shoulder pain may be referred from somewhere else in the body, such as a pinched nerve in the spine. 

As the most mobile joint in your body, the shoulder requires a combination of mobility and stability in order to function properly. As your chiropractor team, it's our job to diagnose where and how this delicate balance breaks down so that we can get you back to health ASAP.

Risk Factors for Shoulder Pain

As mentioned, shoulder pain can occur at any age. You may be more at risk if you:

    • Have poor posture
    • Have a lot of stress
    • Sit at a computer for extended periods of time
    • Perform repetitive overhead movement or frequent heavy lifting

As you can imagine, shoulder pain can disrupt your ability to work, workout, or even simply get dressed and do chores around the house! Don't "wait and see" if your shoulder pain will get better. If something's been bugging you, don't hesitate to call. 

What Our Indianapolis Chiropractor Can do for Shoulder Pain

Consulting with an Indianapolis chiropractor may not be the first thing you think to do if experiencing acute or chronic shoulder pain. Our services, including chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation, lifestyle counseling, and postural re-training, can be customized to your needs and goals. Together, these techniques can optimize your body's ability to heal, relieve pain and inflammation, improve mobility and joint stability, and increase strength.

There may also be underlying posture abnormalities increasing your risk for shoulder pain. As an expert in human movement, Dr. Hull can help you identify any hidden issues and address these along with your more obvious symptoms.

You Don’t Have to Be Stuck with Shoulder Pain

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