Tension Headaches

Tension Headache Treatment

Searching online for a chiropractor near me, in Indianapolis, IN, for tension headaches is a good starting point to finding a chiropractic care clinic. Hull Chiropractic provides headache and migraine relief to the entire family. We do not use medication to mask the symptoms. Instead, the focus is on natural healing by correcting nervous system imbalances.


What is Tension Headache?

A tension headache, also called tension-type headache, is the most common type of headache and is characterized by mild to moderate head pain. There are also two main types: episodic and chronic. The episodic type is described as headaches that occur less than 15 days a month for at least three months. Each episode usually persists for 30 minutes to a week. Chronic tension headache occurs 15 or more days a month for at least three months.

Tension Headaches Causes

Although the actual cause is still unknown, researchers suspect that muscle tension in the neck and face triggered by stress plays a primary role. Other potential triggers include:

  • Head injury
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Muscle strain in the neck from poor neck posture
  • Nervous system interference due to cervical joint restrictions

Typical Signs and Symptoms

Tension-type headache is frequently described as a squeezing sensation or pain around the head. You may feel tightness across your forehead, or at the sides or back of your head. Your scalp, neck, or shoulders may also feel tender to touch.

How an Indianapolis, IN Chiropractor Treats Tension Headaches

Research suggests that chiropractic care may be an effective treatment option for headaches that originate in the neck including tension-type headaches. We can personalize a wellness plan following a detailed assessment of your symptoms and spinal x-ray.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Hull, can help to reduce the frequency of your headaches by targeting the spine. Chiropractic adjustments of the neck spine can help in the following ways:

  • Relieve joint restrictions
  • Reduce muscle tension or stiffness in the neck
  • Take the pressure off the nervous system
  • Improve blood circulation to the spine and brain

In addition, we may recommend other natural ways to manage your headaches. Our recommendations may include getting enough sleep, neck exercises, eating healthier foods, and drinking plenty of water.

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Frequent or chronic headaches can be debilitating or interfere with your quality of life. Consider chiropractic care at Hull Chiropractic if you prefer natural, holistic healing or you are tired of the temporary relief medications provide. Request an appointment at our Indianapolis, IN, clinic by calling 317-243-2392.


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