Upper Back Pain

Correct Your Upper Back Pain Problem

Do you suffer from pain in your upper back? Does it sear up into your neck, or at times feel as if it is on fire? There's no shortage of possible problems you might be experiencing with your upper back pain, but chances are you'd do whatever is necessary to remove this pain from your life. You may even go to visit a doctor. If you have, your doctor might have given you some basic stretching exercises, which can help, but stretching the muscles alone won't fix the issue. They may have also taken X-rays and suggested surgery. Surgery is an extreme measure that requires weeks, if not months of downtime and there's no guarantee you'll be better off following the surgery. Instead, you need to consider a chiropractor to help address the upper back pain problem. 


Back and Neck Pain Can Come from Anywhere

There's no shortage of reasons why you might suffer from upper back or neck pain. Sudden trauma to your neck, such as being in a car accident or from being hit hard while participating in a sporting event. However, most pain stems from performing the same task over and over for an extended period of time. This may be from sitting at a desk and leaning forward, typing on a computer all day. It can be from sleeping in a poor position or doing anything else where your neck or spine might shift. Over time your bones will shift to accommodate the position. When the bones shift it can cause friction against nerves or even pinch down on the nerves, causing pain. This shift will also pull muscles along with it. The muscles along your neck will pull, which is why the muscles in your neck and shoulders are susceptible to tightening up (and forming knots). When these muscles pull to adjust to your shifting spine other muscles will shift to accommodate these changes in your position. As everything in your body is connected, one out-of-place bone in your neck may have a ripple effect all the way through. 

A chiropractor will adjust your spine to put the bones back in place. Which will help cut down (if not fully eliminate) on the pain you're experiencing. 

Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away

You might be living with upper back pain now, but it doesn't mean you need to continue to live with it. With the help of your local chiropractor you can have the pain addressed and the proper spinal alignment corrected. When living in greater Indianapolis you will want to give Hull Chiropractic a call. No matter the extent of your pain or what is causing the problem, this one phone call is the beginning to your back-pain relief. So, give Hull Chiropractic a call at your earliest convenience. 


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