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When To See Your Chiropractor

When To See Our Indianapolis Chiropractor At Hull Chiropractic

Generally, people know that chiropractic techniques can be helpful in relieving back pain, but it can also provide effective treatment for a number of other conditions. At Hull Chiropractic in Indianapolis, IN, we offer a drug-free, non-invasive method of dealing with many health types of problems.

Chiropractor talking to a patient

Conditions Your Chiropractor Indianapolis Can Treat

An evaluation from a chiropractor after an auto accident can ensure your spinal structures have not been damaged, which often leads to painful symptoms after the incident. Muscle sprains from overuse or back injuries can receive immediate care to relieve discomfort. Headaches and migraines can be treated to relieve pain. Shoulder, hip, arm or leg discomfort can be helped with chiropractic methods. Your chiropractor Indianapolis can also treat injuries sustained during athletic activities.

Chiropractic Treatments That Can Help

Manual adjustment of the vertebrae can help to re-align the spine, which can lead to pressure on muscles, tendons, and nerves. Physical therapy can improve muscle function and improve range of motion. Your chiropractor can also provide acupuncture for pain relief, without the use of drugs. Laser therapy can speed healing of soft tissue injuries, and electrotherapy can reduce discomfort from compressed nerves.

When To See A Chiropractor For Care

For back sprain from moving, home remodeling or other activities, your chiropractor in Indianapolis can provide techniques to reduce your discomfort and restore your flexibility. If you have neck pain from computer work, shoulder pain from doing overhead tasks or leg pain from sciatica, the chiropractor can help. Auto accidents can leave individuals with chronic pain problems that chiropractic techniques can relieve. If you have had a slip and fall injury, your chiropractor can do a thorough assessment and design a care program to suit your needs.

Hull Chiropractic Is A Chiropractor in Indianapolis Residents Trust

Dr. Jonathan Hull uses his extensive knowledge of chiropractic methods and biomechanics to allow his patients in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding communities overcome injuries and live more active lives. Call Hull Chiropractic today at 317-243-2392 for an appointment to learn about the chiropractic techniques that can relieve your pain and improve your physical function.